FutureFlash! Climate Challenge


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The FutureFlash! Climate Challenge

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FutureFlash! Making the Game Club

Young people are developing stories and games based on these climate education programs and activities.  Each starts with a Seed Idea, which we are growing from Vision to Reality.   

Martin Luther King Weekend - Compassion Games

Climate Jeopardy Challenge with Earthman Lanny Smith

with a global network

Building Community in a Changing Climate - Interfaith Climate Group  

- Balance Edutainment

Serve the Earth Week - Compassion Games

Our Storytelling Circles Pilot Partners are writing a sequel to Pacha's Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature.  

Highlights will be featured in FutureFlash! 2050:  Pacha and the Game - How Florida (and YOUR part of the world) came to be a leader in the Climate Challenge -- Priority One of the Sustainable World Game!




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