FutureFlash! 2020: Pacha and the Game

Join Pacha and friends in Sowing a Culture of Peace for the Earth, Our Home.  Learn how YOU can take part in the real-world Joyful Celebration of Life on Earth!

Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.
- The Earth Charter

Pacha Profile 2.5in - January - Pacha invites the humans to bring the vision of Dr. King’s Beloved Community to life through acts of kindness and organized service projects. Players submit reports of their projects.

 - February - Pacha meets the Earthman and plays the Climate Challenge. She learns how our planet is changing and how we can each be part of the solution.
 - March - Pacha brings children of the world together through the
, producing a video featuring Florida youth and their global partners.
 - April - Pacha, Earthman and friends play Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week, a 9 day global challenge to inspire acts of love, service, and compassion toward our Mother Earth and all life!
 - June - Based on the results of these activities, Pacha and her friends will tell a futuristic story of how Florida (and YOUR part of the world) came to win the Climate Challenge -- Priority One of the Sustainable World Game.  It's a race against time, and everyone has a role to play!  
FutureFlash! 2020: Pacha and the Game - As we play in 2017-18 Pacha will help children, youth, adults and elders to play their part in making the world work for the our human family and the community of life on Earth!
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