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Let the EARTHMAN clue you in!



LEVEL 1.  Watch the Climate Crisis Jam

a five minute music video 

Full Climate Crisis Jam Music Video 



LEVEL 2. Climate JEOPARDY Challenge

CLICK HERE TO PLAY with family and friends


 Click here to play: http://www.jeopardyapp.com/play/climate-crisis-jeopardy#



LEVEL 3: Compassion Games Coopetition April 22- 30, 2017
Love This Place!  Serve the Earth Week

Compassion Games, Love this Place! Serve the Earth Week



Level 4:  Sing for the Climate!  


Join the global climate movement.  SING FOR THE CLIMATE with your friends!




LEVEL 5:  Earthman Climate Conversation Challenge

Image result for earthman lanny images

  • Earthman Lanny Smith visits your classroom via video chat!  
  • Host an Earthman multi-media concert in your community! 
    Lanny Smith is an award-winning songwriter/eco performing artist whose songs have been recorded in seven languages and have been played on such diverse radio station formats as urban/hip-hop to Radio Disney. His multi-media concerts have been performed at thousands of schools, houses of worship, festivals and celebrations.

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LEVEL 5:  Float the Vote FOR THE CLIMATE!

In local, state and national elections, learn the facts and check YOUR candidate's stand on the climate.   Include your elected officials in the community-wide Climate Conversation.

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Earthman farmers market




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